Doctor Doni

The Relationship Between Stress and Your Sex Life

In an interview with Spartan Magazine, Dr. Doni talks about the how stress affects libido, fertility, and sexual health in general.

Dr. Doni was interviewed by David DeLuca for the February 2016 issues of Spartan Magazine. The feature article was called, “Sex, Stress & Superhero Fantasies,” and you can find it online here (it starts on page 40). It’s all about how stress can affect your sex life, and vice versa.

Stress, sex, sex life, sex drive, sexual dysfunction, sexual problems, hormones, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, diet, exercise, sleep, Superhero Fantasy, natural healthIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that stress can cause all sorts of issues throughout the body. When someone is under constant, recurring stress, their cortisol levels remain elevated. This starts to throw off other systems in the body, including the hormonal system that controls our sex drive and fertility.

Sometimes, sexual problems can be a clue that something in our body is out of balance. Very often, the culprit is stress. In this interview, I talk about how the two are related—and how diet, exercise, sleep can affect a person’s sexual health.

I also talked about debunking what I call the Superhero Fantasy, the feeling that your body can “stand up” to anything and that it should be able to perform under any circumstances. Optimizing our stress levels, our exercise, and our diet is a much better and healthier way to think about ourselves and our bodies than the Superhero Fantasy.

I hope you enjoy it—you can read the complete article in the online edition of Spartan Magazine to learn more about how stress affects libido and what you can do to balance your hormones and stress.

–Dr. Doni
18th February 2016

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