“Dr. Doni has created a system that works. Best money I ever spent!”

“Dr. Doni has created a system that works.  Best money I ever spent!”

Once in a while someone comes along with a different way of viewing a problem and totally transforms how others see it.  That is what Dr. Doni has done.  She created a model of restoring health that focuses on three issues – leaky gut, adrenal distress and carbohydrate/protein metabolism – to explain the myriad of health issues that plague many adults today.   I was fascinated by her description of the overlapping systems in the body (digestive, immune, neurological and endocrine) and how disruptions in one cause disruptions in others, which explains how apparent divergent symptoms are tied to the same root causes.  I have learned so much about my own body from Dr. Doni.  I also felt really taken care of by her and her support staff.  Dr. Doni is patient, listens to your input and really partners with you in creating a plan of action.  I have been to doctors and specialists for years, seeking help for a wide range of issues – constipation, gas, bloating, diminished energy, uneven/depressed mood, brain fog, food cravings (sweets), numbness in hands and feet, skin issues, sexual function issues – and none of them were able to get to the root cause of my problems.  Test after test were recommended along with multiple prescriptions but none of them gave me true relief.  Once I made some diet and lifestyle changes along with the supplements Dr. Doni recommended, I was feeling significantly better within days.  Dr. Doni has created a system that works.  Best money I ever spent!