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Top 10 Stress Triggers in Modern Life

Each of us experiences stress in different ways. Whether you have palpitations, sleepless nights, or heartburn, it is all the result of stress on your body. After all, we know from research that stress underlies just about every health problem, from acne and autoimmunity, to cancer and heart disease. Being aware of what stresses you increases the likelihood you’ll be able to master those stresses and optimize your health. Let’s look at the top 10 stress triggers.

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What’s Dr. Doni Eating… in Hong Kong?

While traveling in Hong Kong, one of my favorite meals was at Choice Cooperative, a gluten-free restaurant devoted to serving the healthiest ingredients. There I had a beet, carrot, and dragonfruit salad with organic green tea. It was fun to share The Stress Remedy book with the owner, who is already following my recommendations. Another…

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Travel with Care

When it comes to taking a flight, bus, train or car away from home, it is an important time to prepare in ways that will support your body. That’s why one of the four customized stress remedy plans in The Stress Remedy book is for travelers. Here are five tips to keep you traveling with…

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