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Ask Dr. Doni: Healthy snack ideas?

I think of snacks as mini-meals. Otherwise you risk having your snacks be a carbohydrate fix that sets you off on a blood sugar roller coaster. So instead, think protein, along with healthy fats and fiber! a couple slices of hormone-free turkey rolled around an 1/8th of an avocado a few bites of left over…

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Ask Dr. Doni: How do I find healthy chocolate?

Gnosis Chocolate – raw, organic, vegan and kosher—plus certified gluten and nut free. Sweetened  with coconut palm sugar (which is a low glycemic sweetener mainly composed of sucrose) Not Your Sugar Mama’s – organic, raw, gluten-free, handmade chocolates sweetened with coconut palm sugar.* Lily’s Sweets – chocolates sweetened with stevia (zero calorie, natural) and erythritol…

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Starting Out On A Gluten Free Quest

I understand that it can be a big deal to give up gluten. I am here to help you with your quest for better health by eating gluten free. The first step is to understand what contains gluten. Anything made out of flour (white or whole wheat), like bread, pasta, pastries, crackers, and many cereals.…

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