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What is Dr. Doni eating to boost immunity?

I saw this great article about how chicken soup helps to heal from a cold or flu: Chicken soup found to fend off the flu. Make it gluten-free and organic, and add herbs, garlic and mushrooms, to make it even more immune supportive. It makes a difference, when fending viruses, to avoid sugar, alcohol, and dairy products—but still…

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Healthy plans for the New Year?

With the New Year less than a month away, are you finding yourself thinking about how you’d like to start something new for your health in 2013? Whether fatigue from shopping and travel, or weight gain from not having time to work out, or a sore, bloated belly after a holiday party—your body may be…

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What is Dr. Doni eating to stay well?

For those of you avoiding dairy products and looking to replace yogurt as a quick, easy snack and source of calcium…you might try this coconut milk yogurt or almond milk yogurt (fruit sweetened and non-GMO). Some people need to be extra careful with fructose, cane juice, tapioca and/or carrageenan, in which case you might try…

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Finding Real Answers to Health Challenges

Lately, when people ask what it is that I do, I describe myself as a medical detective. I look for the root cause; the common denominator amongst a bunch of confusing symptoms. That is what we are seeking after all, isn’t it? An answer and real understanding of what caused these mysterious symptoms and how…

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Starting Out On A Gluten Free Quest

I understand that it can be a big deal to give up gluten. I am here to help you with your quest for better health by eating gluten free. The first step is to understand what contains gluten. Anything made out of flour (white or whole wheat), like bread, pasta, pastries, crackers, and many cereals.…

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What’s For Breakfast?

Breakfast is key to starting your day feeling healthy and energetic. Whether you are focused on balancing your blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, losing weight, avoiding gluten and dairy, fighting off yeast, or improving your mood and focus—my breakfast recommendations are basically the same! 1. Make sure to include protein. 2. Minimize carbohydrates. 3. Include healthy…

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