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Aging – How to Slow It Down

Everyone wants to feel younger. The anti-aging “prescription” comes down four factors: Get more sleep, eat foods rich in antioxidants,…

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Dr. Doni Quoted in Care.com

Dr. Doni was quoted in an article called, “Diet During Pregnancy: The No-No List for Expectant Moms” this week, written…

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Being The Authentic You ... a book to support you

An example day of eating

Each gram of protein equals 4 calories. So 51 times 4 is 204 calories. Carbohydrates also have 4 calories per…

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Paleo Skincare

Is a Paleo Diet for Me? (Part 1)

Even though we are walking around with smartphones and laptop computers—and have electricity and heat (usually), we are actually not…

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Eating Gluten-Free

I’m creating a category in my blog for all the posts related to eating gluten-free, so that you will have…

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