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Ask Dr. Doni: Healthy snack ideas?

I think of snacks as mini-meals. Otherwise you risk having your snacks be a carbohydrate fix that sets you off on a blood sugar roller coaster. So instead, think protein, along with healthy fats and fiber! a couple slices of hormone-free turkey rolled around an 1/8th of an avocado a few bites of left over…

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Ask Dr. Doni: How do I find healthy chocolate?

Gnosis Chocolate – raw, organic, vegan and kosher—plus certified gluten and nut free. Sweetened  with coconut palm sugar (which is a low glycemic sweetener mainly composed of sucrose) Not Your Sugar Mama’s – organic, raw, gluten-free, handmade chocolates sweetened with coconut palm sugar.* Lily’s Sweets – chocolates sweetened with stevia (zero calorie, natural) and erythritol…

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