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The Nasopure Nasal Wash Bottle is designed to wash the nose efficiently and comfortably the modern neti. The unique, angled neck allows a neutral head and neck position to achieve the perfect wash. No more bending or twisting the neck. The squeezable, plastic bottle provides precise control of the solution from a light rinse to a steady flush. The applicator tip allows for a tight seal with the nostril for control of pressure and flow. It washes the nasal membranes, while drawing out the sinus contents as the solution exits the opposite nostril. The bottle comes in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes and has a closable tip making nasal washing convenient for shower, over the sink use, and travel. And it s perfect for children too. NasoPure, 4 oz. Spray

The Nasopure Wash Salt Mixture is pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate comes in Swish Stix   packets so the solution is always the perfect mix you add water to achieve the salinity you prefer. It can be used as an isotonic or hypertonic buffered solution.  See our Solution Guide for more information about our saline mixture.

All-natural Nasopure is safe for anyone with “nose woes”. Dr. Hana has taught children as young as two and three to use Nasopure, but we recommend a child s doctor be consulted and approve prior to use.

Patients who use Nasopure on a daily basis tell us that it not only offers relief, but it refreshes, too. For them, it s as automatic as brushing their teeth and as refreshing as an ocean swim. Many users report fewer symptoms, fewer infections, reduced need for medications and they notice that they generally breathe easier.

The Nasopure salt mixture of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate can make two types of buffered solutions: hypertonic and isotonic.

Isotonic 4oz: 1/2 Swish Stix

Isotonic 8oz: 1 Swish Stix

Hypertonic 4oz: 1 Swish Stix

Hypertonic 8oz:  2 Swish Stix

Nasopure salt mixture is buffered with sodium bicarbonate to balance the saline solution for a soothing effect.

Suggested use:

Prevention:  Wash 1 time per day or after exposure to irritants.

Mild to moderate congestion:  Wash 2 times per day.

Moderate to severe congestion or infection:  Wash up to 4 times per day.

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