Colostrum LD, 120 capsules


Colostrum LD, 120 capsules



Colostrum LD® 120 Capsules :: Micro-Encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules (960 mg)

Servings per container: 60


A Concentration of Bovine
Colostrum and phospholipids 480 mg *

* Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule

Contains: Milk proteins

Sovereign Laboratories takes a great product (colostrum) and makes it a superior product (Colostrum-LD®). Our proprietary in-house Liposomal Delivery (LD) system is an applied coating which allows colostrum to readily dissolve in liquids and ensures the colostrum will bypass digestion; will be transported through the bowel wall; will circulate throughout the body; will reach the organs and cells; and remain bioavailable at the cellular level. Liposomal Delivery makes colostrum (and other nutrients) up to 1,500 % more bioavailable (Robert R. Milne, MD); this makes Colostrum-LD® the most effective colostrum available. Without LD, colostrum loses most of its effectiveness. The LD Difference means that colostrum products from Sovereign Laboratories do what they say.

Expect Results:

-Colostrum does not oxidize in storage.

-Colostrum is not digested (digestion destroys colostrum s bioactivity).

-Colostrum components are delivered through the bowel wall into the blood stream to reach all organs and cells wherever needed.

-Colostrum components transport through the cell wall to assist in RNA and DNA repair; stem cell initiation and differentiation; facilitation of cellular growth and repair; infection prevention; and identification of damaged and diseased cells.

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