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Master Your Stress: Boosting Energy & Beating Burnout – Dr. Doni on The Big Silence Podcast

Dr. Doni was interviewed by Karena Dawn on The Big Silence Podcast talking about how stress manifests in our bodies and minds, its long term effects, and ways to effectively manage stress in our day-to-day lives.

Dr. Doni was interviewed by Karena Dawn in Episode 57 of The Big Silence Podcast. You can listen to the episode here or in your favorite pod player.

In this interview we go deep on stress and its mental and physical health impacts, how we can take control of our stress levels, and the steps we need to take to be able to do so.

About Karena Dawn

Karena Dawn is a wellness entrepreneur, NY Times best selling author, NAMI board advisor and a passionate mental health advocate. Growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, her childhood was filled with traumatic experiences that resulted in repressed emotions, guilt, shame and a suicide attempt. She knows from experience that suffering in silence only reinforces the stigma surrounding mental health issues and creates barriers which prevent healing.

She overcame a dark period of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in her teens and 20s, was able to forge a path to self-discovery, build a nurturing community that has helped millions, and ultimately find peace. She has always used her platform and influence to inspire people around the world through fitness, mindfulness and spiritual empowerment and founded The Big Silence Foundation to further her mission and erase the stigma surrounding mental health.

Stress and Its Effects: Lack of Energy to Total Burnout

In this interview we go deep on stress, how it manifests in our bodies and minds, long term effects on energy levels, and ways to effectively manage it in our day-to-day lives. How stress relates to women who are pregnant or in labor, how the foods we eat can affect mood and energy levels, and even creative stress – like birthing a book! We also talk about how stress directly impacts our physical health (weight fluctuations, hormones, cortisol, moods – all the good stuff) as stress is such a hot topic for so many of us. 

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About The Big Silence Foundation

The Big Silence Foundation cultivates conversations and offers resources and programs to destigmatize and change the culture around mental health.

The Big Silence Foundation activates programs and tools to support people’s mental health journey at different stages of life from children to adulthood. 

Their work is based on a 4 step process to support and uplift you on your mental health journey:

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