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Brain Soul Level Healing: Free Yourself from Trauma with Louise Swartswalter (Episode 158)

I’ve been talking a lot about healing trauma lately, and in this week’s episode I want to focus on the brain. That’s why I invited Louise Swartswalter to the program. Louise is an energy healer and certified biofeedback specialist. She specializes in clearing energy blocks and uses neurofeedback and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to rebalance the human brain through her signature B.R.A.I.N. System. She is also the owner and founder of the Brain Soul Success Academy.

Today we talk about how a multi-sensory approach, which is used to help with dyslexia, can be used to clear past trauma, even generational trauma. Louise shares how the system she uses is able to transform health, behavior patterns, and emotions, and how by releasing our energetic roadblocks, we can achieve success and reach our goals in life.

During her career and own healing journey, Louise discovered that the brain operates like a motherboard for the body. When a person’s brain is functioning at optimal health and is in balance, the rest of one’s body and life is able to fall into balance.

We’re not just a body. We’ve got to heal the emotions. We’ve got to heal the spirit. We’ve got to heal whole person. We have an energetic field that goes all the way out to the stars. We are energy bodies before we are physical bodies. So, in order to really heal, we have to reset on an emotional, spiritual and energetic level.

The B.R.A.I.N. System: A Multi-Sensory Approach

B.R.A.I.N. is an acronym that stands for:

B: Body. This relates to all the work we do to heal our bodies like detoxification, taking supplements, mastering stress, supporting adrenal function, getting good sleep, exercise, etc. The B is the lifestyle pieces that a functional medicine doctor or somebody doing that kind of work would know. 

R: Release. Release the trauma and the emotions and the baggage. Often times it’s ancestral and we have to clear that out for people to become whole and aligned.

A: Alignment. The brain system is aligned with our spirit. And so, a spiritual God or whatever God means to each individual person is always a part of the healing process.

I: Integration. This is integrating your brain frequencies to your soul. Your true purpose. People don’t really heal their life where they want to if they don’t have a purpose. Our bodies will still struggle with some kind of adrenal issue if we don’t have a purpose in life. It’s when we can identify and feel that sense of purpose that we really thrive. It’s your big WHY, so, we clear energy blocks to get to that.

N: New Program. The new program piece is this high-level energy work that rewires your brain. This is achieved by using frequency medicine which is neurofeedback. It’s about working multi-dimensionally to get the results we want. 

Healing Trauma at a Brain Soul Level

People looking to heal are often getting one protocol from one practitioner and a different protocol from another practitioner. It’s when we integrate all the healing holistically that we will be successful. We need to find a way to be cohesive and synergistic when healing our body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes the challenge with energetic work is that it’s something we can’t see and sometimes people have a hard time believing or understanding how it works. 

When we heal trauma at the brain soul level we can even see physical changes in peoples physique. They smile more, their eyes look brighter, they feel lighter, more energetic and vibrant, and they have a different glow in general.

Louise describes that when she was a special education teacher, she used a multi-sensory approach with her students. She would guide them to consider what they see, say, hear, write and feel all at the same time. Most of health and healing doesn’t integrate a multi-sensory approach. That’s why she developed the B.R.A.I.N. System.

More than 60% of adults have experienced at least one adverse childhood event, let alone adulthood trauma, so it’s something that’s prevalent and yet a lot of times we go through life without being aware of it. And most people are not addressing it, and a lot of practitioners don’t know how to address it. 

We know that trauma is associated with health issues. We need to be able to release traumatic experiences, compassionately and effectively, so that we can move forward with our lives without the negative effects of this baggage called trauma.

By using this multidimensional system, we will definitely see results faster. Everybody wants to heal faster, no one wants to stay sick or imbalanced for a long time. 

A B.R.A.I.N. System Session (Louise does a live session for Dr. Doni)

Here are the questions that Louise asked Dr. Doni about pain in her joints and posture.

We often don’t realize how much our self-talk is part of how we feel constantly. By taking the judgment away you could tell yourself you’re stronger, you’re allowing things to be the way they are. You allow what is, you’re connected to your body, you’re feeling lighter, you’re aware of your posture and things are easier.

So, what is taking Doni away from allowing what is, to be connected to her body and feeling light or having that ailing easier flow of things?

The next step is muscle test what is preventing her from clearing energy. We’re all energy and we can get other people’s energy attached to us, and especially as a practitioner when you’re working closely with people, some of their pains or their imbalances could become attached to you. This energy could also come from early experiences during our childhood with parents or siblings, this is what we call trauma and what constitutes the foundation of the restrictions that do not let you move forward with your life.

These experiences can make us demoralized and manifest through physical pain in our bodies later in life. These can also steal from us our peace, our strength, acceptance, fulfillment, and sense of protection. 

The key here is to release this trauma by working on our brains so that this trauma is no longer allowed to follow us everywhere. It is no longer allowed anywhere near our physical body, nervous system, etc. This trauma has to leave all of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being in order for you to heal. We have to clear the shock to be able to heal.

When we release all judgments, assumptions, projections, conclusions, decisions about the situation, we let it go, allowing us to be free, to honor what is, to be connected to our bodies and to feel lighter. 

The last part of the system is energy work that has to do with codes and numbers. Think of it as acupuncture points but in the energy field. Then you speak positive messages to your brain. In this example the messages were: I am connected to my body, I pay attention to my posture, I feel lighter and easier, I am stronger than I think, I have positive self-worth, I am able to do things I didn’t know I could do, I choose to succeed, I choose to live in joy, I allow things to be the way they are and I allow what is. 

By doing this you are reprogramming and rewiring your brain and therefore your reality to the reality you want for your life now. It is rebooting you with these goals and intentions.

How The Healing of Trauma Works

You can have an intention when you go into an energetic healing experience, but really you don’t have to try. Energy shifts tend to cause a subtle ripple effect without any effort. More important is to allow yourself to let go and be guided. 

Louise asked me about my experience with her energy work compared to what I experience with shamanism and psychedelic medicine. I explained that psychedelics have a similar ability to help us release and overcome trauma. Transformation happens when deeper traumas are cleared at the brain soul level. These processes literally reboot every cell energetically. 

And then right away you start to see things come back into flow again. When the energy field is aligned physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you start noticing good things coming your way. You start feeling better and your health improves.

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