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Learn To Do Pilates with Vivian Jung (Episode 121)

Vivian Jung joins Dr. Doni to talk about the benefits of Pilates and how it can transform your body, mind, and spirit.
Learn To Do Pilates! - With Vivian Jung | How Humans Heal Podcast

Pilates is a method of conditioning the body, mind, and spirit. It has made such a difference for me so I wanted to share it with all of you! What better way to do that than to talk with my favorite Pilates instructor, Vivian Piccone Jung [@authenticmethodpilates].

In this episode, Vivian and I cover Pilates in depth including:

Vivian recommends being aware and careful when you choose a Pilates class to be sure you get the most benefit.

What I’ve experienced is that professional Pilates instructors take their work extremely seriously, continue to participate in trainings on a regular basis, and modify and plan exercises for each individual.

It is all about transforming your body, most often using the equipment Joseph Pilates developed. And at the same time, listening to your body so as not to overdo it.

NOTE: Watch the videos at the end of this episode where Vivian shares examples of how the equipment is used.

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