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Escape the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster with Dr. Mariza Snyder (Episode 123)

Fatigue is such a common issue, but often we find ourselves reaching for sugar and caffeine to keep us going, especially as busy moms and entrepreneurs.  

Energy is the ultimate currency. Who doesn’t want more?!!  

Dr. Mariza describes hitting energy rock bottom with chronic fatigue, when she fought her way to the bathroom each day to get ready, and reached for sugar to keep her going.  

She realized that at 30 years old that way of operating wasn’t going to be sustainable.  

Over the next three years, she searched for real solutions until she figured out:  

Dr. Mariza laughs as she remembers feeding herself peppermint patties and diet soda, until she was 35 pounds overweight, severe mood swings, PMS symptoms, and so tired, she needed naps between patients.  

She doesn’t want others to hit that breaking point.  

To break this pattern and get off the blood sugar roller coaster, she had to:  

Your body is telling you it needs a break! 

133 million adults are insulin resistant. Over 90% of us have blood sugar spikes at least once per week without knowing it is happening. And it is not on our radar. The medical system doesn’t pay attention until you have type 2 diabetes. Way before that, blood sugar issues affect how we show up and feel every day.  

Dr. Mariza recommends:  

Listen in as Dr. Mariza describes 5 simple hacks to upgrade energy and support metabolic health:  

  1. Start every day with a savory meal, not the Standard American Breakfast. Don’t spike your blood sugar with cereal, oatmeal, or a sweetened beverage.  
  2. Start every meal with fiber or protein to blunt a blood sugar response.  
  3. If you want dessert, choose fruit without dairy and sugar, better after lunch. 
  4. Walk after meals.  
  5. Stop eating 3 hours before bed, and fast overnight.  

If you’ve been trying to solve low energy levels and figure out what your body needs, don’t miss the part where she talks about the device that has been helping her as a recovering stress-aholic to tailor each day and become more aware of the signals her body is sending. 

I totally loved this conversation with Dr. Mariza and found that some of these same strategies helped me recover from burnout, fatigue and the blood sugar roller coaster. I discuss so much of this in my book, Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health

I’m so honored to discuss all of this more and join Dr. Mariza in her online Hormone Relief Summit, which is September 26-30, 2022. You can sign up here: 

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