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From Burnout To Empowerment: Dr. Doni Wilson on The Real Heal

Show Notes:

In this episode, Dr. Renee is joined by naturopathic physician, nutritionist and author, Dr. Doni Wilson, where they take a deep dive into the five stress types, how to know which one you have and what you can do to recover.


Join us as we discuss these questions:

  1. Tell us more about you and how you got doing what you’re doing.
  2. Talk to us about the five stress types (the night owl, the stress magnet, blah and blue, tired and wired and sluggish and stressed)
    —What are their symptoms?
    —Can you give us a tip or 2 to help each type?
  3. And can you talk to us about your customizable C.A.R.E. program? (Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Recovery, and Exercise)
    —What is it and give us a tip under each part of the program.
  4. Tell my audience one thing you know today that you wish you knew 5-10 years ago.
  5. How can my audience connect with you and get your book?

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