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Healing in Nature with Dr. Doni (Episode 94)

Healing in nature is about how the colors, sounds, patterns, and plants in the natural world can help us realign within ourselves.
Healing in Nature with Dr. Doni | How Humans Heal Podcast

I just spent 10 days in a single-room cabin with mesh walls in the Peruvian Amazon.

That means I was immersed in nature. Listening to the sounds of the insects, frogs, birds, animals and raindrops. Looking at the amazing diversity of green leaves of all shapes and sizes. Swimming in the creek and climbing the waterfalls. Drinking tea of plants intended to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Eating the most simple foods – potato, rice, quinoa, cucumber, carrot, and some eggs. 

What I can tell you is that as much as I’ve known that nature is healing… now I see to a greater extent how the colors, sounds, patterns, and plants in nature help humans to realign within ourselves and with a coherence only found in nature. 

We lose contact with this powerful aligning force in our busy daily lives interacting with technology and overstimulated by mechanical sounds, lights, and erratic activity.  

Listen in to this episode where I describe my journey to the Amazon and what I learned about shamanism and myself, so that I can better help you heal.  

It’s my mission to help you to first listen to the voice inside you asking for self C.A.R.E., and then to choose, little by little, to create that for yourself. 

 You deserve it. More than that, it’s your right. 

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