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Connecting with Self and Spirituality with Shelley Riutta (Episode 93)

Do you need a transformation in your life? Psychotherapist Shelley Riutta joins Dr. Doni to talk about the "conditioned self" and how spirituality can guide us through difficult times.
Connecting with Self and Spirituality with Shelley Riutta | How Humans Heal Podcast

Stress is all around us. According to psychotherapist Shelley Riutta, people are finding themselves less comfortable in their lives and more in pain. When we get to that point, it’s a sign that what is needed is a transformation.

Transformation happens when instead of being distracted by the busy world, long to-do lists, and blaming others, we realize that our reaction to stresses can change when we connect more with our true selves.

Shelley explains that we are spiritual beings living in human bodies. When we remember that, then we can become more accepting of ourselves and more aligned with our true essence.

And by doing this, you’ll see transformations not just in your outlook, but also in your health and in your business. Shelley helps professionals transform their businesses using her method.

Listen in to this episode to be inspired about your life and your ability to heal.

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Find out about my Stress Recovery Program – where I teach you to know your authentic self, versus the conditioned self, and to implement self-care activities, such as meditation. In the program, we will be using Shelley’s Holistic Breakthrough Method to help transform your lives:

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