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Healing HPV with Dr. Doni (Episode 92)

Healing HPV is possible - and healing the cervix (for ASCUS, CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3).
Healing HPV with Dr. Doni | How Human Heal Podcast

HPV is a very common virus. Most all of us have been exposed to it in our lifetime. And yet it can be shocking to receive results that show that HPV is positive. It’s shocking because there are no symptoms – so you wouldn’t have a heads up – and it can cause cancer.

It’s also shocking because your doctor may either tell you to come back in 6 months to a year, and that seems like a long time when you’ve just been told you have a virus that causes cancer, or the doctor may say that you need a biopsy or additional procedures in order to check for abnormal cells.

The standard medical approach does not include options to help you in healing HPV once you have it. They can really only remove abnormal cells or cancer if it occurs. But HPV can cause abnormal cells again and again.

Meanwhile, I’ve been helping women to successfully fend off HPV, heal the cervix (for ASCUS, CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3), and prevent recurrences for over 21 years.

I want to help you clear HPV – get it to negative on your test results – and take your life back. It is possible to feel empowered to heal and get beyond HPV.

Listen in to my Healing HPV Masterclass in this week’s episode and find out about the online, group program I developed to help women around the world to get HPV out of their lives.

Find out about my Say Goodbye to HPV 12 week Program – which is available to begin anytime! Use the code HPV1000 for $1000 off the program.

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