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Optimize Your Cortisol with Dr. Doni (Episode 83)

Cortisol is our main stress hormone made by the adrenal glands. But cortisol levels can get stuck at a higher or lower level, which is what I call getting stuck in "stress mode."

Cortisol is our main stress hormone made by the adrenal glands. It is a normal hormone we need every day, and when we are stressed, cortisol output changes to signal throughout our body to respond to that stress.  

When we are exposed to ongoing stresses – from trauma, to toxins, to lack of sleep – which is going to happen to us as humans, our cortisol levels can get stuck at a higher or lower level. That’s what I call getting stuck in “stress mode.” 

Instead of trying to escape stress, I encourage you to embrace it! Embrace that we are going to be exposed to stress and that our bodies are going to respond.  

Then the question becomes – how is your cortisol responding? We tend to assume that our cortisol is too high, but that is actually not always the case. It is also possible that your cortisol is too high at certain times of day, and too low at other times of day.  

And then we also need to consider adrenaline, which also responds to stress, because it can become too high or too low. 

The way your body responds to stress is unique to you. The best way to know what your cortisol and adrenaline are up to at this point in your life is to test the levels.  

Then we can help get your cortisol back to optimal levels using natural approaches – such as dietary changes, nutrients, herbs, and stress recovery activities. We are actually supporting your adrenal glands to heal and recover from stress so that they can make the right amount of cortisol and adrenaline again, without relying on an outside source. 

In this episode I talk about:  

I want you to feel empowered about your body and your health. I believe that is possible when you learn and understand what is happening inside your body and how it responds to stress. Then you can make choices for yourself about how you’d like to help your body recover from and become resilient to stress.  

Instead of taking over for your adrenals, or ignoring them, it’s time to find out what they need and provide it 

You’re not going to receive this type of information from your standard medical visit. And yet, in my opinion, it is the most important information for your health now and into the future.  

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