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Fertility from Dr. Doni’s Perspective (Episode 68)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal

Preparing for pregnancy and preventing pregnancy loss are two of my favorite ways to support women in my practice. I see them as times when women often feel isolated, afraid and confused about what to do. And that’s when I feel most motivated to help.  

In standard medical care and prenatal care, there is not a lot of support – in terms of nutrition, clinical nutrition, and addressing underlying issues – in general, but in particular for before pregnancy and in early pregnancy.  

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and on your own… you are actually not alone. It is very common to feel that way, and I’m here to help you.  

In this podcast episode I cover:  

Overall, a connection with your true self – you as a loving, compassionate human being – is most important on the fertility journey. From that place, you’ll be choosing based on what is best for you, and your future baby. Then you’ll also be decreasing your stress levels, which optimizes hormone levels and ovary function.  

I’m happy to help you. Reach out to my office if you have questions, would like to meet with me and have me to start supporting you. Many women begin with my Women’s Wellness Program, but we can also modify it to match for you. And if you have HPV, I can help there too. And in the process of clearing HPV, you’ll be improving your fertility – it’s a win, win.  

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