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What Is Shamanism and How It Heals with Don Gino (Episode 65)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal

Don Gino was chosen to be a shaman at age 15 by his grandfather, who was an elder healer in Peru. He was named “Chaka-Runa,” which means “bridgeman,” based on his ability to connect people to the healing spirits of plants, such as Ayahausca.  

In this rare interview with Don Gino, he describes shamanism, healing plants around the world, and the value of going to other realms in order to experience deep healing from past traumas. 

We, as humans, tend to get stuck in the patterns and past stress exposures in our lives. We try to block those stresses out, but ultimately they influence our life, our choices and our health.  

Plants, and Ayahausca in particular, which Don Gino refers to as “The Queen,” has a gentle and yet effective ability to create profound shifts in perspective, resolution of past experiences, and understanding of oneself. 

It works throughout the body, in each cell, to process and release what we have been carrying – emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is an introspective and individual process within a ceremony with music sung and played by a shaman to bring the spirit of the plant to us for healing. 

In this episode we talk about:  

Going “beyond the mind” in order to experience inter-connectedness and one-ness can be life changing.  

In that state, we become aware of the spirit of the plant, and everything in nature, including ourselves, which is what many of us have been searching for all along anyway – acceptance of our true selves. 

Ayahausca has been studied for numerous health issues, including for depression, anxiety, addiction, migraines, and cancer, amongst others. I experienced it first-hand, in Peru, in ceremonies with Don Gino, and found it to be unmatched in its ability to resolve stress and create healing. 

If you are interested in learning more about Don Gino and the ceremonies he offers in Peru, be sure to visit Or reach out to me and I’ll help you determine whether this may be an option for you to consider for your health and in your life. 

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