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Balancing Hormones with Dr. Erin Kinney (Episode 51)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal

In today’s episode of How Humans Heal, Dr. Doni got to speak with Dr. Erin Kinney. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and prominent speaker who charts customized healing paths for women to improve their mood, balance their hormones and increase their energy. Her patients come to her from all over the country for help finding the root causes of adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, PMS, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause and all the associated symptoms that can occur when hormones are out of balance. 

Her diagnosis, treatment protocols and teachings help women rebalance their bodies so they can achieve optimal health and become their best selves. For the past 10 years she has run a private practice, hosted workshops and retreats and spoken at private and corporate events. Look out for her long-awaited podcast, the Dr. Kinney Show!

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