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Love is Medicine with Razi Berry! (Episode 7)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal

6 in 10 adults are living with a chronic disease, 300 million suffer from depression, 1 in 4 can’t get enough sleep, while 46% of adults are feeling lonely.

When you are dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, diabetes, brain fog, depression, relationship conflict, autoimmune issues or even cancer, these things may be impossible. They become their own mountains that seem to grow in elevation with each passing day. Did you know that how we love and care for ourselves and how we love each other not only impacts disease but also resilience, depression, anxiety, sleep issues and our overall daily performance? We have all the science and diagnostics and protocols, and yet we aren’t moving the needle toward a healthier world. Why? We have lived through so many amazing scientific discoveries, yet even with all that, millions are suffering. My friend Razi Berry has spent 15 years as a publisher of NDNR, NaturalPath and the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine (These are all publications educating doctors on natural medicine) and in that time her journals have published more than 2100 case studies. Razi noticed patterns in these cases to discover reasons why people get sick, and how they heal.

Listen in to hear insights from Razi and about how you can learn more.

On this episode we cover:

  1. What inspired Razi to create NDNR and the Love is Medicine Project?
  2. What is selfcare?
  3. What makes it hard for us to choose selfcare?
  4. How connecting with yourself can help you make changes in your health?

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