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What to Do About HPV: A Protocol That Works

It’s not enough to kill the HPV virus. To truly address it and prevent it from coming back, we need to find out what makes each individual specifically susceptible to HPV. It’s about getting to the root of your health issues, finding exactly which health assessments are essential for your body and what it needs, and then building a step-by-step individualized protocol to help your body heal.
The Powerful Protocol that Dr. Doni uses to heal more than 90% of the HPV cases she works with.

So you just found out you have HPV.

Except you’re not hearing optimistic or proactive treatment options.

Instead, if you’re like many patients, your doctor is telling you to “wait 6 months to a year… and then have it rechecked.” Or, you’re being told to have a procedure to remove the abnormal cells – or more.

But you’re not happy with those options, are you?

There’s something inside of you that knows there’s more to this than just an HPV diagnosis. And you’re right, there is. Maybe you started researching HPV on your own; Googling “natural approaches for HPV” or “how to kill HPV.”

You can find a wealth of information… and misinformation… on the Internet. If you’re finding legitimate resources then supplements such as mushroom extract, folic acid (or better yet, methylfolate), and curcumin should sound familiar. But how to find quality products – and then how much to take – still keeps you wondering if you can figure this out on your own and whether it will be effective.

And the list of questions seems to be growing, not shrinking.

So you research more…

And that’s probably led you to here with me, reading this blog with now. You’ve chosen to be your own health advocate, listening and following your gut to get the answers you deserve.

But it’s scary. And you’re not sure who to trust.

Let me be the first to say, you’re in the right place – this is where real health solutions begin.

I created an online HPV program (that is both confidential and anonymous) to give many women (and men) the information they need to fend off HPV on their own, with me as your guide. Click here to find out more about the program.

The Real HPV Solution

What I’ve found in my 20+ years of experience helping women and men to eliminate HPV and get pap smears to normal is that it’s not enough to just go after the virus with anti-viral supplements. 

Many protocols, as well as research, focuses on killing the HPV virus, which is, of course, important, but to really get ahead of it – and prevent it from coming back – we need to find out what makes you individually susceptible to HPV, and address THAT.

It’s about getting to the root of your health issues, so we address what is allowing the virus to cause problems… for good, not just for the time being.

In a previous post, I outlined the five major causes of HPV that may surprise you. In the article, you’ll learn that stress, leaky gut, and even inflammation are among those on the list.

Ultimately, this means we have to think bigger to outsmart HPV – and that requires us to look BEYOND the cervix.

What I’ve found is the best way to be sure we are addressing the underlying cause of why HPV is showing up for you, is by thinking about it from the perspective of stress.

That’s because stress not only lowers our immune function, making us susceptible to viruses but also disrupts digestion, hormones, and neurotransmitters. And to get rid of HPV, we need to address all of these effects of stress.

Is Stress a Factor in Your Case

One thing I always ask my patients is: Have you been under more stress in the past year? 

And the answer is invariably: Yes!

From work stress, to relationship stress, to moving homes, toxin exposure, dietary stress, less sleep, more sugar, deaths in the family, divorce, parenting, financial stress and more…stress is all around us.

Yes, we all have stress. The point is not to eliminate all stress.

The point is to observe that when we are stressed, without enough stress recovery, HPV wins. 

After reading most every study about stress, what I found is that stress leads to several imbalances which then predispose us to viruses, such as HPV, as well as other health issues.

Imbalances caused by stress: 

1. Cortisol is shifted to be too high or too low

2. Adrenaline is shifted to be too high or too low

3. Food is not digested well, which means nutrients are not absorbed

4. Leaky gut and food sensitivities develop

ALL four of these imbalances leave you vulnerable to HPV. 

So to get rid of HPV effectively – so that it doesn’t come back – we have to address these imbalances. 

That’s the difference with my HPV protocol. That’s what I guide you to do in one-on-one consultations. And that is what I do in my group online course.

How to Access Dr. Doni’s HPV Protocol

I’ve shared my TOP FIVE supplements and herbs for addressing HPV in a prior post.

Which is a great start, BUT…I find that if we don’t address the imbalanced caused by stress, you’ll likely have to continue taking supplements long term because the virus can come back.

My FREE HPV Recovery Guide explains what is different and essential about my protocol, including the programs I offer to help you fight HPV and reverse your abnormal pap results.

Recently it has become abundantly clear that more and more women are being diagnosed with HPV. I talk to women every day from countries around the world, and they are being told a variety of things by their doctors… from do nothing to have a hysterectomy.

Women are afraid and searching for help. And it just so happens that I’ve been successfully helping women with HPV for  over 20 years. One day one of my patients said to me – “Dr. Doni, you should make an online course so more women can access this information.

Women need an expert guide on this healing journey to teach you how to address the root cause of HPV, to know exactly which products (and doses) to choose, and which diet and lifestyle changes make the biggest difference.

That’s how the idea for my HPV Online Course was inspired – and again, it’s both confidential and anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about feeling safe to ask your questions and get help.

In the course, I guide you to use my proven protocol to finally address HPV and abnormal pap smears by understanding YOUR BODY and YOUR UNIQUE susceptibilities to HPV… and to recover naturally.

For more information about this online course, please see:

What Makes This Course Unique

During this 4-week course, we dive deep into understanding HPV, what made you susceptible, which health assessments are essential for giving you information about your body and what it needs, and what to do, step by step, to help your body heal.

I talk about which quality products I recommend, and how much of each supplement MOST people should be taking.

Each week, I’ll guide you with actionable steps that will get you to where you need to go. Instead of feeling on your own, hoping this will work… you’ll feel confident and supported.

If you’re ready to finally take control of your health – and move past the free resources that, while a starting point, will never provide the same level of guidance as you’ll experience in the course with me—then my HPV Online Course is waiting for you to get started!

When you register, you’ll get access to:

Get all the tools you need at your fingertips today – and stop wondering what life without HPV will look like for you. We can address, reverse, and heal your susceptibility to HPV for good.


If you’d prefer to work 1:1 with me instead or in addition to the course, please start by setting up an initial consultation here. This way we can meet and I can review your case and records with you to come up with a customized plan.

I’m just so glad that you are reading this article, and looking for help. You deserve to have help, and to know that it IS POSSIBLE to address HPV and abnormal pap results (in most cases) using natural approaches. In the process, you’ll not only reverse HPV, but you’ll become healthier overall, and more ready to focus on your next goals.

As always, wellness wishes to you!

–Dr. Doni
20th February 2020

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