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Dealing with emotions head on.

Recently, I had a blast talking with Dr. Joan Rosenberg about her new book, 90 SECONDS TO A LIFE YOU LOVE.

I feel lucky to not only know Dr. Rosenberg, but also to be able to call her a friend. She’s been practicing as a psychologist for 40 years and during that time she has also been a professor, trainer, speaker, and now author of a book all about her insights and protocol for becoming emotionally confident with whatever comes your way.

Because I see the world—and more specifically, our health—through a lens of stress and how it impacts us, Joan’s work to HELP US RECOVER FROM STRESS, moment to moment, is a game changer.

She teaches that once we practice and become proficient at feeling and processing eight of the most unpleasant emotions we can experience, then, essentially the sky is the limit in terms of what we can create and accomplish in our lives.

When we are not willing or able to feel unpleasant emotions —such as sadness, anger, shame, disappointment, and embarrassment—it prevents us from making connections, both in business and our personal lives, isolating us and stopping our dreams from coming true.

Negative self-talk can take over. Anxiety, fear, and depression become the norm… and it all stems from avoiding our feelings.

It may sound scary to allow ourselves to feel unpleasant feelings but I can promise that missing out on the joy in life is worse when we do so.

Instead of finding ways to scoot around the feelings that come up as humans living and interacting in life daily, we should feel empowered to face them head on, with willingness and curiosity. It’s THEN that we can actually get GOOD at feeling unpleasant feelings.

Who knew!?

Guess what happens next. We become more willing to task risks, make connections, and go for what we desire—because that’s what happens when we are not stopped by stress.

Listen to my entire interview with Dr. Joan Rosenberg about her book, how to know whether her RESET can help you, and HOW to do it now!

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