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Taking Care of SUPERMom: A 365 Day Approach to Health

This Mother’s Day find out how to give Mom the gift of health and less stress all year round—not just on the days a calendar tells us to!

Self-care on Mother's Day is nice but moms need mental health and stress resets all year long.


A pedicure to paint those pretty toes…
A massage to work out the kinks…
A new bath bomb or lotion to moisturize the skin…

Sound familiar?

If you’re a mom, you probably recognize them as go-to gifts for Mother’s Day. Pretty much the equivalent to a funny tie, a beer mug and a round of golf for Dad on Father’s Day.

They’re the staples we’ve come to know and expect… and yes, even deservingly enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mom… I love self-care… and all of the above are GREAT GIFTS to receive.

Except that we shouldn’t only be focusing on self-care for Mom (or ourselves) one day a year.

The Problem With Being SuperMOM

At some point in history—and I’m not sure exactly when or why—we, as women, decided that we’re supposed to be borderline superheroes. We work, do the cooking, get the cleaning done, go to the stores, keep up with everyone’s schedules and care about everyone’s physical, emotional and superficial needs before our own.

But it’s not sustainable… and I’d say it’s flat out, impossible.

Eventually… because we’re human… our bodies begin to break down. And you know what happens next: we feel shame for dropping the ball… guilt… disappointment… anxiety. You name it and we feel it, all because we expected ourselves to give, give, give without refilling our own cups.

If only there was a way to pour into ourselves more than once a year. Oh, wait…

Changing the Self-Care Pattern For Moms

It’s time we start thinking about our own needs differently. Despite the common self-talk we say to ourselves, it’s not selfish to spend 10, 30, 60 minutes a day taking care of ourselves. If that’s not enough, think of it this way…

When you show up for yourself, you can show up for others better than before.

It’s about changing our patterns to reprioritize the things that are important to each of us, in ways that aren’t stressful and exhausting. Figure out what matters most in your life: time with the kids, meditating, date nights with your sweetheart, time-outs with your girlfriends (notice I didn’t say NIGHTS OUT with your girlfriends! Comfy on the couch is just as much fun as sitting at a bar if the company is right!)

Ultimately, it’s about resetting and refocusing.

A Mom’s Case For Resetting Her Self-Care

About 13 years ago when my daughter was just about 3 years old, I decided to do a cortisol and adrenaline panel on myself. It’s an incredibly easy test—done with your urine and/or saliva—and I was able to check myself throughout the day.

What I found was… my cortisol was low in the morning (when it should be higher) and my adrenaline levels were low, TOO. Stress… from being a medical student and then a naturopathic doctor, business owner, and mom… had depleted my adrenal gland function. No wonder I felt exhausted, anxious and simply not my best self.

That’s the first step to getting started: finding out how your body is holding up under the stress of motherhood.

From there, we can assess your results and customize a treatment that’s ideal for you.

This could include:

The Big Takeaway…

Don’t stop with the self-care Mother’s Day gifts. Give them, receive them, enjoy thembut most of all, continue to do so all year round.

By discovering the ways to shift your body’s perception of stress into a healthier stress pattern, you can get your cortisol and adrenaline back to optimal levels for a foundation that will help you to respond and recover better going forward.

Being a mom is hard… YES. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. But does that mean we should put ourselves in last place? NEVER.

Finally, with the much-needed focus on mental health for moms happening in our society right now, it’s important to keep a pulse of how we’re feeling. In my opinion, it should be STRONGLY SUGGESTED that new moms have their adrenals checked within the first six months of having a baby. How else would you know something is truly wrong if you just chalk it up to “life with a newborn?”

Feeling a little… off?
Frustrated for no apparent reason?
Overwhelmed or unable to sleep?

Listen to your body and get help immediately. Find out how I work one-on-one with you to identify how stress has thrown off your system and then help you to recover, step by step. The sooner we start investigating, the sooner we can help. Balancing = healing = happier you.

That’s the best gift you can give yourself this Mother’s Day.

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