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Folic Acid and MTHFR (Podcast)

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I hear from so many patients who have fatigue, irritability, brain fog, anxiety, sleep issues, and/or aches and pains – and often there is no apparent cause. Doctors frequently say, “there’s nothing wrong,” because standard blood results all fall within “normal” ranges. It is not often suggested that an undiagnosed and treatable genetic issue could be underlying the entire problem. This episode covers the basics of how be tested to find out if you have an MTHFR mutation, what to do about it if you do, and how other genetic mutations might be affecting you.

Because this post was so popular, I devoted an entire series to how genetic mutations can affect your health. You can find the series here: Dr. Doni’s Series on How Genetic Mutations Affect Your Health.

If you’d like help understanding your genetics and what you can do to prevent health issues or improve your health, you can check out my MTHFR and Genetic Profiling Solutions Package in which you and I will meet and plan out the steps for you to take.


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