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Natural Cancer Prevention Summit

Natural Cancer Prevention Summit: May 16-23, 2016

As I mentioned last week, I’m participating in a few online summits over the next few weeks. This week’s summit is the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit, and I’m excited for you to learn from my colleagues about preventing cancer.

In addition to the 14 million new cases each year, diagnoses of cancer are expected to increase by 70% in the next 20 years. Fortunately, only 5-10% of these cases are attributed to hereditary genetics. This means 90% of cancers are preventable! The other causes? Environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and other stressors are incredibly toxic influences on your health!

The free version of the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit runs from May 16-23. It’s online, and it will teach you about the prevention of cancer-causing environmental, nutritional, and stress-related risk factors in order to protect your health and wellness. Don’t miss out!

Register immediately to make sure you’ll see the free talks.

You can also purchase all of the expert talks so that you can download or watch them online indefinitely. You’ll get slideshow presentations, audio discussions, full interview transcripts, and a bunch of bonus gifts such as eCourses, guides, eBooks, and other advice from the expert speakers. You’ll be able to take your time, take it all in, and share this important information with family and friends. If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

The online access package for the 30+ expert talks is $79. You can find more information or make your purchase here.



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