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Natural Ways to Improve Fertility (Podcast)

fertility, fertility issues, pregnancy, pregnant, getting pregnant, conception, diet, stress, natural healthFertility issues can be extremely difficult and challenging. Dr. Doni talks about strategies to help with some of these issues, in an interview on the “Well-Adjusted Mama” show with Dr. Laura Brayton.

In their conversation, Dr. Doni focuses on diet and stress, addressing the cause of fertility problems—not just the symptoms. Research shows that sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and processed foods have an effect on fertility. Same thing when your body is under stress. By taking out the things that might have a negative impact, you can increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Dr. Doni also discusses how this can be a great opportunity to look at your health, because you are more motivated to make a change.

Listen to the podcast here.


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