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Dr. Doni Quoted in “Health Bistro”

The holidays can add extra stress to your already busy life, so Dr. Doni Wilson offers some helpful tips in an interview with Diane Wedner of

Dr. Doni was quoted in an article called, “Tips to Tackle Holiday Stress,” by Diane Wedner on Health Bistro, “a blog from the editors of”

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Women, especially, already have packed schedules,” says Donielle Wilson, N.D., C.P.M., C.N.S– a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife and nutrition specialist.

“Even if it’s just getting to one extra store, we want to get it done ahead of time,” adds Dr. Wilson, author of “The Stress Remedy” (Empowering Wellness Press). “And if we don’t get the online shopping done, now we have to go to the store because we didn’t make the delivery deadline.”

Plus, there’s finding the perfect kennel for your poochie while you’re away, and dealing with a cold that erupts just before you head off to Grandma’s house.

“It’s all stressful,” Dr. Wilson says. “Even the things you do to take care of yourself.”

But – there are ways around that head-pounding holiday anxiety. Instead of committing to an hour of yoga to chill out, grab 5 minutes, she advises. It will still help. Spend half an hour walking in nature – in a park or on a trail – to soothe your nerves.

“Feed yourself some protein every few hours, rather than skipping a meal while you dash around a store,” Dr. Wilson suggests. “You’ll get through the stress a lot easier.”

Click here to read the whole article, including Dr. Doni’s 5 holiday de-stressing tips!

–Dr. Doni
23rd December 2014

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