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4 Tips for Going Gluten-Free from Christina’s Story

Gluten-Free LifeOne of my office assistant’s, Christina, recently switched her diet to gluten-free, as well as dairy and egg free.

When I asked her “What made going gluten-free easier for you?” these are the tips that she shared:

Keep Focused for Two Weeks
“The first two weeks are the hardest,” says Christina. Once you make it through the first two weeks, you’ve made it through the hardest part and it becomes much easier to choose gluten-free foods.

Ask for Help from Family and Loved-Ones
For Christina, her boyfriend was her biggest support network. “He helped me to avoid gluten even when I was tempted and helped me stay focused on my goal. When he went to the store we would always come home with a gluten-free option for me.”

Be Willing to Try New Products and Recipes
“I came home with a few gluten-free products, and I didn’t like all of them, but I knew I had to be willing to try. Now I’ve found products and recipes that we enjoy! My boyfriend loves chicken cutlets – so I decided to use gluten-free breading and replaced eggs with ground flaxseeds, and they turned out to be the best cutlets I’ve ever made!”

Enjoy Reading Labels
“I’ve always enjoyed looking at labels on products and I think that has helped a lot,” says Christina. If you can make it fun to look at the ingredients and be willing to “say no” to a product that contains an ingredient you are avoiding, it will be much easier to avoid gluten.

Now that Christina has been gluten-free for over a month, she feels better and has lost ten pounds.

She was totally delighted when her mother gave her a cookbook, The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, and gluten-free treats for a Christmas present. “Everyone in my life is starting to understand that this is a choice that is making a difference for me!”

If you are gluten-free—what helped you make the transition? Please share your tips below in the comments.

For more detailed support, including a list of my favorite resources and articles about gluten sensitivity, be sure to read this post called Starting Out on a Gluten Free Quest.

Empowering your wellness,

Dr. Doni
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