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Ask Dr. Doni – How to prevent leaky gut?

Dr. Doni Wilson

  1. Include stress remedies in your day—click here to read more.
  2. Set aside time to eat, so that you can chew and digest well.
  3. Minimize or avoid gluten in your diet. Click here to find our why.
  4. Take probiotics consistently. Click here to see one of my favorite products.
  5. Only take antibiotics when it is absolutely necessary—contact me for help with preventing recurrent infections and healing without antibiotics.
  6. Choose fermented foods (unless contraindicated for your case)—sauerkraut and kimchi for example.
  7. Include fiber, such as a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds, in your diet each day. Fiber helps maintain the balance of healthy bacteria.
  8. Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners because they disrupt the balance of bacteria.

For a more complete view of leaky gut—what is is and what you can do about it, please see Dr. Doni’s Series on Leaky Gut:

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