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What can you do about stress?

What can you do about stress?

A survey in the Huffington Post showed 91% of people felt stressed over a month, and 77% felt stressed weekly or even more often.

Wondering if you are one of those people?  I created an online stress quiz to help you know how your body has been affected by stress. You can do the quiz now if you’d like – look in the right margin and sign in to get started.

We know stress leads to health issues, from anxiety, fatigue and headaches, to cancer, heart disease and autoimmunity, so what can we do to stay healthy under stress?

Support Your Adrenal Health

The adrenal glands are little heard of, and yet extremely important. They sit on top of your kidneys and produce the x-factor hormone, cortisol.

When your stress increases, your cortisol increases. And when your stress stays high, your cortisol either stays high, or runs out. To read more about cortisol, click here.

Best is to have an optimal cortisol level throughout the day and night. To do that, your body needs opportunities to de-stress.

This exciting research about how something as simple as spending time outdoors and enjoying nature can bring cortisol levels back to optimal and solve major health issues.

Spending time in nature can reduce pain, improve attention, lessen stress, modulate agitation, and lower the need for medications.

For more ideas on ways to rebalance your stress responseread here.

I was also interviewed on the Dr. Lo Radio Show all about the topic of stress and what to do about it. You can listen to the show by clicking here.

What do you find helps you to de-stress? Please do comment below.

—Dr. Doni

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