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Welcome to Doctor Doni Wilson

Hello ~ I’m Dr. Doni. As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I offer professional naturopathic care that addresses your whole body and the underlying cause of your health issues.

I help women, men and children by providing devoted guidance that brings definite solutions. My patients describe my form of care as a scientific, nurturing way to make sense of what natural medicine has to offer.

I help patients like you address health issues by developing a caring partnership and an individualized plan using natural therapies and well-living practices such as nutrition, gentle exercise, stress reduction, herbal formulas, homeopathy, vitamins and nutrients. This allows you to recognize the innate healing power of your own body.

Learn more about my approach, which I’ve developed over almost 15 years in practice, that gets to the root cause of health issues by identifying the foods that are stressing your body and how your body has been affected by stress, as well as what it needs to heal.

Let me show you how you can regain the physical harmony you were meant to enjoy. You’re not alone in your quest for health.

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