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Super Foods for Your Brain

bluesOne part of the body that is most affected by stress is the brain.

Research shows that nerve cells in the brain shrink (or grow) under stress, and then return to normal when the stress resolves.

Under major stress (and potentially ongoing stress), however, sometimes the nerve cells don’t return to normal, which can lead to symptoms of anxiety and/or changes in memory.

What can you do to help your brain cells recover?

That’s where these super foods come to the rescue:

By eating these foods on a regular basis, you’ll be helping your brain cells recover from stress, while also preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Why these foods?

Because they contain higher amounts of nutrients and antioxidants, AND they also contain healthy fats (in the nuts and fish).

Wondering how to integrate these foods into your day? Check out my suggestions here.

When you eat…enjoy…while thinking of how your brain cells are soaking up the nutrients they need to be ready for the next stress that comes along.

Time for something to eat? Please share your favorite ways to enjoy these foods below.

–Dr. Doni

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