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Earth Day – a chance to try environmentally friendly ideas

I tried out a few earth-friendly products recently and wanted to share with you!

Organic dry cleaners: I found an organic dry cleaners in Manhattan and dropped off my winter sweaters and pants to give it a try – and loved it! Knowing that I’m not being exposed to chemicals not only when I wear the clothes, but also as they sit in my closet, feels great – and at the same time there is less toxic exposure to the environment and everyone involved. If you are wondering, the price was not prohibitive – it was worth it! Google in your area to find an organic dry cleaners near you. : )

CV Skinlabs: My patient, Britta Aragon, is the creator of a recently launched skin care line that is all natural and free of every toxic ingredient possible. Britta was inspired by her own recovery from cancer and developed products for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, have chemically sensitive skin, as well as for anyone looking to treat their skin with the love and care that Britta represents. She has successfully raised awareness for the fact that when we choose products that don’t contain chemicals, it is better for our skin and for the environment! Read more in Britta’s book: When Cancer Hits

Vital Choice: Have you ever wondered how you can get the freshest wild salmon delivered right to your door? Short of flying to British Columbia (which I’ve done and is amazing), Vital Choice is a company that will deliver the salmon that is best for your body AND best for the environment, right to you!

On another note, Ella had an idea to plan a tea party for her friends on Earth Day – April 22nd. We are putting plans together for an afternoon of organic herbal and green tea served in my grandmothers tea cups with earth-friendly snacks for 6 girls, followed by fun watching Alice in Wonderland and playing in our beautiful back yard. : ) Should be delightful!

I’d love to hear what you learn on Earth Day!

Dr. Doni

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