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Patient testimonial: my oncologist was speechless!


Testimonial from a patient:
In December 2011 I found out I had Stage 1B Cervical Cancer and High Grade Dysplasia. After numerous procedures and tests, I was told by my Oncologist that though there was no evidence that the cancer had spread, I would need to have a Radical Hysterectomy and all the surrounding lymph nodes and tissue removed.
This seemed far too aggressive and it made no sense to me not at least try to let my body heal itself and address the underlying causes of the cancer.
As I began to research about alternative treatments, I knew for certain that this was the path I wanted to follow. I told my oncologist that I would not have the operation and that I would instead follow an alternative treatment plan.
I met with Dr. Doni and we put together a treatment plan. Without Dr. Doni I am sure my outcome would have been different. The diet changes, supplements and escharotic treatments were key to my recovery!!
In March 2012, two months later, I went back to my oncologist for tests to see if I still had Cervical Cancer and Dysplasia. All my tests were NEGATIVE and my oncologist was speechless!
I've felt good, even before the diagnosis, but now I feel healthier then ever. 
I would love for other women to know that this is possible. 
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