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Easy Eats! How can I bring passion into my life?

I was asked by Easy Eats magazine to share tips for bringing passion and compassion into one’s life. Here is my response…

It’s already in you, you just need to find it! Take a few minutes whenever you can to notice the beauty of your surroundings – in plants, water, fire, flowers, snow and the sun. Animals, too, can teach us about passion and compassion.

Recently I realized that my daughter’s pet rabbit becomes anxious if she doesn’t have a few minutes of petting and love each day. I saw this as an opportunity for both us: when I stop to give her some bunny love, I make sure to feel the love too.

I’m so proud of my patient Silvana Nardone who started Easy Eats magazine – have you checked it out?

Click here to visit the magazine online.  

Dr. Doni

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