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Dr. Doni Presenting at Integrative Health Symposium 2.9.12

You are invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Doni Wilson at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in Manhattan

Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2012
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM – and I’d love for you to come!
Lecture Title: Clinical Detoxification – Cleanse from the Inside Out
Location: Hilton New York, CLINTON SUITE, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019

It’s Free! All you have to do is register by calling 972.943.4773 and give priority code 103126 OR Click here to download a flyer to bring with you for entrance to the exhibit hall:  27742_ihs12_vip_generic_final_ihs.

Lecture Description: 

How best to reverse chronic local or systemic inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many seemingly unrelated conditions? Clinical detoxification is one option that can be used as a jump-start in the direction of reducing inflammation and cleansing the body of the toxins related to inflammation. Distinct from approaches that involve laxatives and herbs that purge the intestines and liver, often associated with a fast or relative food restriction, clinical detoxification is defined in this presentation as the restriction of foods that increase inflammation and the use of nutrients and herbs shown to support the CYP450 enzymes in the liver. Through the use of clinical detoxification, patients have an opportunity to shift recurrent patterns of illness and improve their health going forward.



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