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(Healthy) Halloween Party for Kids

Ella LOVES Halloween and LOVES to have a Halloween party for her friends in third grade.  

Last year for our Halloween party we created spooky activities for the kids: stick your hand in a bowl of "eyeballs" (grapes) to reach a treasure, eat a piece of jello in the shape of a brain, and reach into the spider web to grab a plastic spider.  The kids loved it! 

This year, Ella's vision is for the kids to arrive in costume, walk through a "tunnel of (plastic) spiders" to reach a spooky "theatre" (our family room) where they will watch one of Ella's favorite episodes of "Goosebumps" and eat popcorn.  

After the show, jello in the shape of a brain will be served (the brain jello is back from last year!) along with apple slices and gluten-free sugar cookies (in Halloween shapes).  

Wha-la! A gluten-free, dairy-free party – and the kids won't even realize it. I sweeten the jello with stevia and serve organic popcorn with organic butter.  

"Where's the protein" you might ask – in which case I'm so excited that you are thinking of it!  

For kids without a nut allergy, I would go for almond butter (Ella is in love with Justin's Almond Butter). 

In this case I am going to cut up turkey jerky sticks.

Ella decorated a bag for each of her friends, filled with "goodies" (not candy!), such as a fun straw, stickers, a ball that looks like an eyeball, and a stretchy plastic rat. What fun!

I hope this note inspires you as you prepare for spooky thrills. 

Have a happy, healthy Halloween!

Dr. Doni

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