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Patient Testimonial: Thank you so much, Dr. Doni for offering a plan B…because it worked!

Dear Dr. Doni,  

I am so grateful for your wisdom, compassion and assistance during my journey back to health!  I just received my first normal pap test in over 7 years thanks to your help. 

I know there are so many women who have HPV and cervical dysplasia and LEEP procedures are very common.  I really wanted to explore an option that would not tramatize my body but would instead work to rid the bad cells and strengthen my immune system-your protocol did just that. Its most unfortunate that orthodox medical procedures are really based on cutting and drugging the problem instead of addressing the cause.  I've had well meaning but misinformed GYN's tell me I was "gambling with my life" because I would not do the LEEP and also that high grade dysplasia "NEVER" returns to normal. Also that it would definately turn cancer if I stayed with the high grade for 3 years. Because I presented too much of a liabilty, one GYN refused to see me anymore.  

You, on the other hand, remained extremely optimistic about my options and offered your full and experienced support without the fear tactics. Hearing the positive success stories of other women you treated in my situation gave me confidence that I too could make my efforts and see the results. You worked with me and my concerned husband to solve this health issue and earned our respect and trust. I feel so fortunate to have found you and have recommended you to several friends of mine.

I really hope other women suffering with the same situation can find hope and inspiration in reading this testimony and begin their journey back to health with you, Dr. Doni. Natural treatments and a wholistic approach to health are, to me, the most sensible, empowering and effective way to remove disease and the best part is it has no side effects only good effects. 

Now no LEEPS for me only jumps for joy. Thank you so much, Dr. Doni for offering a plan B…because it worked! 




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