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Getting ready for a trip? How to travel and feel good at the same time!

Whether camping or staying in hotels, it can be tricky to figure out how to stick to the foods that help you feel your best.   

Those of you who have modified your food choices to match your body know how priceless it is to feel good, and how costly when certain foods sneak in.  It becomes worth it to plan ahead and to choose carefully, no matter how tempting the dish!

At the same time, I often hear how no one wants to be the “high need” guest or the person who can’t leave home for fear of feeling terrible for a week. 

While it may seem as though you are more sensitive then you were before you started avoiding your IgG food intolerances…actually you feel so much better, more of the time that it is so much easier to notice when you don’t feel good. 

Here are my quick, easy and nonchalant tips for keeping yourself feeling well, while you travel. 

Gluten-free specific tips:

I’d love to hear your ideas and what you’ve found helps you survive a trip! (comment area below)

Happy travels to you! 

Dr. Doni

DONIELLE WILSON is a women’s health expert and Naturopathic Doctor with a private practice in New York City, Port Jefferson, NY, and Connecticut. She specializes in showing women and their loved ones how to achieve their wellness goals by finally getting the answers they’ve been looking for to their most perplexing health challenges. To learn more about Dr. Doni and her unique approach to achieving health naturally, please visit Dr. Doni today. 



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