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It All Starts With Stress! We all have it, so what can we do about it?

It All Starts With Stress! We all have it, so what can we do about it?

While there are stresses in life that we have little opportunity to decrease, there are a few stresses that we can choose to avoid.

Stresses we can avoid:
1. FOOD INTOLERANCES: Stress in the form of foods that trigger an immune response and cause inflammation.  Dairy and gluten are the two most common food intolerances.  A recent study showed that everyone, even without an intolerance, would benefit by avoiding gluten.  Isn’t it time for your body to have a break from these foods that are all-too-common in our diets?!

2. BLOOD SUGAR IMBALANCES: Every time you wait longer than 4 hours to eat, your body must respond and compensate.  Then, when you overindulge and have more sugar than your insulin can handle at any one time, your liver has to pick up the slack.  Sound familiar? How about eating in a way that puts in only as much carbohydrates as your insulin can process during any one sitting, and spreading your food out over the day in a way that keeps you energized, happy and healthy, all at once.

3. TOXINS: Stress also hits our systems as toxins in our food and air.  While it may be difficult to imagine that those toxins actually add up to something that negatively impacts your health, research tells us that it’s true.  To see for yourself how toxins in your food and air are impacting your health, invest in all organic, hormone-free food and non-toxic cleaning products during the cleanse.  Give your body a break, and it will show you what it can do without those extra toxins to process everyday!

The Stress Remedy Program is a different kind of Program.  Instead of focusing on cleaning out your digestive tract, TSR is all about taking a break from these stresses and toxins in our environment, including toxins in food, common reactions to food and eating in a way that is less stressful for your body. In addition, nutrients and herbs are integrated to help your body heal, from the inside out.

If you feel you are ready to make a change for the better in your health, I encourage you to consider getting started with The Stress Remedy Program.  For more complicated cases, or if you are noticing symptoms in your digestion, immune system, mood swings, and/or hormone imbalances, let me help you even more by lighting the path to feeling great!

Healthy wishes to you!

–Dr. Doni


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