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Rejuvenating Results

"Finding out that I have gluten intolerance has changed my health and my life! Thank you for all your help! There is no way I would EVER have figured all of this out on my own."
~ J.D in Manhattan

"Things are progressing nicely…I've started the e-cises from Egoscue's, Pain Free, book, and they seem to be helping with the knee/legs situation. He explains what is going on just as I feel it in my body! Thanks for recommending him!"
~ J.S. Long Island

"I'm feeling so much better by supporting my adrenals and neurotransmitters. You just don't realize what is missing until it starts to come back! I really was running on one AAA battery before I left for Australia a year ago…I can't believe that I actually made it there and back with such a low "charge"!  I am keeping notes in my journal regarding my progress. The latest thing I've noticed is how my mood has begun to fall back into old "normal" rhythms. I am able to socialize for longer periods of time now, without feeling like I am just observing/detached, and being exhausted after two hours, and feeling knocked out the next day. I feel much more connected with people and activity around me…I'm really noticing how "out of it" I was. Also, very weird, I had thought my tear ducts were blocked or some such, because I never seemed to cry or tear up…even when it should have been a normal, reflexive reaction to something. A week or so ago I was watching something on TV, someone singing a song that was intentionally meant to trigger a reaction…suddenly I started tearing up and then began crying, and I "felt" the song! I sat there and really let it go, just because I could and it felt good! 😀 I've really been talking up naturopathy…spreading the word!"
~ J.S. Long Island

"I've actually been doing really well. I feel great! I have been sticking with the dietary restrictions (avoiding gluten) and I've started working out. I also have gotten 2 periods without using any of the hormones, which is such a shift for my body, after years of irregular cycles."
~ Claire S. in Manhattan

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