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Quick! Time to Eat!!

Most times it is the last thing on our minds as we rush around from one “to-do” to the next. Just when business is wrapping up for the day, it is time to transition to “mom-mode” or to catch up on shopping, cleaning and/or laundry.

Who has time to stop and eat? Let alone figure out what to eat!

A preceptoring naturopathic student in my office today asked “Dr. Wilson, how do you keep up with everything you have to do?”

One of my tricks is to keep my freezer loaded with foods Ella and I love to eat!

But the first key is to find out which foods in your diet are causing you to not be functioning at your best. Read about food allergies versus food sensitivities in this recent newspaper article in which Danielle Rose interviewed me.

Here are more things I do to keep myself (and Ella) fed throughout busy days:

By making and taking the time to feed your body throughout the day, I believe you will find that you are more productive, in a better mood, able to lose weight (if that is your goal) and staying well!

I look forward to hearing about what you notice in your body!

Wellness wishes!

Dr. Doni

Donielle Wilson, is a women’s health expert and Naturopathic Physician with a private practice in New York City, Port Jefferson, NY and Connecticut. She specializes in showing women and their loved ones how to achieve their wellness goals by finally getting the answers they’ve been looking for to their most perplexing health challenges. To learn more about Dr. Doni and her unique approach to achieving health naturally, please visit today.


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