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March for Access to Naturopathic Medicine in NY!

I receive reports of effectiveness from patients all the time, like this one…

“I just realized that I made it through the whole winter without having to be on antibiotics once! It’s been over 15 years since that happened. I usually end up with a respiratory or sinus infections. That’s so amazing.” J.H., in CT

And yet the New York Assemblymember who is in the position to approve licensure is saying…

“Concerns were raised…related to the safety and efficacy of some of the treatments used by naturopathic physicians…more research is needed before considering placing the bill on the agenda…”

The Assemblymember needs to hear from you!

I would love to hand deliver your letter to Assemblymember Deborah Glick on Monday, August 23rd at noon, in Manhattan.

Please email your personal story of healing with naturopathic care to Let me know if you would like me to share your name, or not (either way ok).

If you would like to join me, let’s meet at Starbucks, 10 Union Square East, at 11:45 AM.

Another option is to make a call to the Assemblymember’s office on Monday. 212-674-5135

I’ll be sending updates on Twitter:

Let’s make sure New Yorkers have access to naturopathic care!

Empowering wellness,

Dr. Doni

Donielle Wilson, is a women’s health expert and Naturopathic Physician with a private practice in New York City, Port Jefferson, NY and Connecticut. She specializes in showing women and their loved ones how to achieve their wellness goals by finally getting the answers they’ve been looking for to their most perplexing health challenges. To learn more about Dr. Doni and her unique approach to achieving health naturally, please visit today.



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