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Great healthy living resource for those who are too busy to cook

Can it be? A restaurant in my own kitchen?

I am so happy to share a great new resource I found. I discovered a service that I quite frankly can’t imagine how I previously lived without.

I was introduced to a wife and husband team, Shannon and Dino Tate-Giordano, who grocery shop and cook healthy food for the week in my kitchen. All for under $200 per week (for groceries and cooking!). Can you believe it?

They made me gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic, free-range foods that I can mix and match depending on my craving. It’s like having an healthy gourmet deli in my own fridge.

I came home from a long day of seeing patients in Connecticut to find oven-roasted rosemary turkey breast, pan-roasted sockeye salmon, sauteed leeks and snowpeas, sauteed escarole and navy beans, and more.

What a relief!

This is a great resource for those of you who are too-busy-to-cook AND are trying to avoiding food allergens. This is an emergency intervention in my book!

Contact if this sounds like it could make your life easier and healthier too.

They serve Suffolk County. Though similar services in other areas also exist.

What is Dr. Doni Eating?

This week’s favorite dinner…

Pan-Roasted Wild Sockeye Salmon, 1/2 fillet

Sauteed asparagus, 1/2 cup

WITH sea salt sprinkled on top!

Made by

Wellness to you!

Dr. Doni

Donielle Wilson, is a women’s health expert and Naturopathic Physician with a private practice in New York City, Port Jefferson, NY and Connecticut. She specializes in showing women and their loved ones how to achieve their wellness goals by finally getting the answers they’ve been looking for to their most perplexing health challenges. To learn more about Dr. Doni and her unique approach to achieving health naturally, please visit today.

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