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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Stressed

Feeling Stressed

Ever feel anxious and overwhelmed while racing to appointments or rushing to finish one more thing? Of course you do, you’re human! Even I sometimes find myself stressed out, thinking negative thoughts or not feeling so good (overwhelmed, headache, nausea, or tired).

The trick is to be aware enough to catch myself! I find that the more I tune in and listen to my body, the more I realize the initial, more subtle messages that my body was trying to send me.

Whether we like it or not, our bodies need fuel (food and water) and recovery time (sleep). Sure it is possible to push through, and for a while the body will adapt. At a certain point, and it varies from person to person, it becomes more difficult for the body to compensate for lack of adequate fuel and rest. That is when the messages from the body (medically called “symptoms”) increase in number and severity.

So, instead of tuning into what feels wrong in the moment, consider choosing to tune in to what your body is trying to tell you and give it what it needs.

When you feel stressed, pull out this check list of reminders. Work through one by one until you find an activity that fits the moment, or until your stress level decreases:

1. Have you eaten in the last 2 hours? If not, eat something with protein in it.

2. Take a calming product I’ve recommended for you (TheaNAQ or Endoplus spray).

3. Put on your favorite “feel good” music.

4. Do 5 minutes of meditation, breathing, Escogue poses (see below) or yoga.

5. Go for a 10-minute walk.

6. Drink water or green tea.

I look forward to hearing what you learn about your body as you try out these stress-reducing techniques.

Best wishes for an Un-Stressed day!

Dr. Doni

Bonus Resource: Pete Escogue wrote an amazing book called Pain Free that you can find at Amazing! I use it whenever my neck or knee need attention.

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